I am a self taught artist. For 40 years I was an attorney specializing in trademark law during the day, turning into artist maniac at night and on weekends when I could paint and draw and make art and take classes and travel all over the world to see and experience great art.

I do not have a BFA or an MFA, but I have created and curated a lot of gallery shows I always whimsically titled “For MY Eyes Only”.  

b. 1955

February 1995: Papier-mache class at the New School for Social Research

September, 1995-June, 2001: Painting and Drawing classes at the Art Students League NY, NY

September, 2002-May, 2021: Painting and Drawing classes at the School of Visual Arts NY, NY

May, 1998: Ward-Nasse Gallery Group show

1998-2001: Online gallery representation with Paintingsdirect.com

September-October, 2020: School of Visual Arts Fall Residency

April, 2021: Van der Plas Gallery Group show

November, 2021: Pictor Gallery “Art for Grabs”

1980-2020: Practiced law full time