Scrambled Up

How it feels to have Five Supreme Court Jusitices breathing down your neck.

Anatomy should not be destiny when it comes to Equal Protection Under the Law

The 14th Amendment guarantees equal protection under the laws. This means men and women must be treated equally, but state abortion laws apply only to women. That is illogical since the fetus can only come into being when the guy’s sperm nails a bullseye with the egg. That being the case, the laws placed on…

My Body is Mine.

My body is mine, in all its power. I have the right to protect it from the invidious invasion of the American government. My right to privacy was recognized by the Supreme Court long before Roe. Keep your hands off me!

Solitaire Joie

This drawing was inspired by a photograph from the Christian Dior exhibit up at the Brooklyn Museum closing soon in February. The show is eye-popping, starting from the revolving slides capturing the models from Dior’s live fashion shows to the designers that carry his legacy today to the unparalleled silver gelatin prints nailing Dior’s fashion…

Flowerland and Ossonoba.

This drawing was inspired by the flowers of the island of Madiera and the flowers depicted in a 3rd century AD mosaic tile of the God Oceanus that once graced the floor of a flourishing commercial enterprise in the Roman port city of Ossonoba. The flowers on the island were in a streaming supply. Every…

Tree nymphs

I saw a grand tree in Auroville, India in February, 2017. The tree was wide and deeply hung to the earth, but also split open with its womb and breath vessels twisted and exposed. Inspired by the photograph I took, which showed off its naked soul, I did a drawing and as the drawing evolved,…

Power Goddess: 12.17.21

This drawing is part of my series titled “PowerWomen: Sensually strong and Strongly sensual.”

Wistful to Broken Dreams

This drawing is part of my series titled “Women: Beautiful and Powerful at One with Nature.” In this drawing the bird woman looks wistfully back on different selves and the different parts of selves that come together to tell a journey.


I heard the Attorney General’s decision of Cuomo’s transgressions toward women, documented as unwanted kisses; and/or groping their breasts and/or manhandling their buttocks and/or otherwise acting as if he had the unfettered right to touch his female employees where he pleased when he pleased. I started a drawing about a powerful woman, unbreakable and strong,…

On a Daybed

Since March, just about when we were at the anniversary date of living with a pandemic for a year, I began drawing women in cramped spaces. In one series, she is lounging on a daybed. The daybed is based on one located in the Roman galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is dated…