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No Heart nor Hope in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma State Legislature has just passed a law that provides that an anonymous person with no connection to the doctor, the woman, the man or the couple may sue the Dr. if the Dr. makes ANY EFFORT to assist a woman in terminating a pregnancy. There is no breathing room. From the moment the …

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Nearby the Panthers are Apace

Before the Alito leak, it was inevitable that Roe v. Wade was to be banished from the legal canon of citable law. The nominees to the Supreme Court lied through their teeth to get their personal beliefs exalted above the will of the people: proving only that deceit succeeds. A Donald Trump legacy. They are…


My Story of the Corner of the Tectiforms

On one of the walls of the prehistoric cave El Castillo located in the province of Cantabria in northern Spain are 7 distinctly painted tectiforms: misshapen rectangles some, inset with another rectangle that is lined.  There are two other vague ones floating horizontally on the lower right and then one more vertical one, barely visible,…


My Palette on October 10, 2022

I am working on a painting. I wanted to remember how I had mixed certain colors, so i snapped a photo of the palette. Then I noticed how dynamic the photo was.

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My Memories of September 11, 2001

I was in my apartment on 22nd Street. It was Tuesday and the sky shimmered the purest blue without a cloud in the sky. I was painting and listening to the radio totally absorbed in the marks emerging on the canvas, oblivious to the sirens blaring on 2nd Avenue. I got ready for work and…