Travel Bathtub at the Heritage Hotel

Two Weeks in Portugal. Arrival Day: Lisboa

Steve and I went to Portugal on Thursday November 11 arriving in Lisbon about 11:00 in the morning. We checked into our hotel, albeit our room would not be ready until about 4:00, and with Steve grumbling loudly about exhaustion and sleep, we went out to find some breakfast. Then we decided to hop on…

Artgalleries JBS after seeing Trudy Benson

Saturday Afternoon Seeing Art in Manhattan

On the afternoon of November 6, I saw four fabulous gallery shows. I started at Sunny NY, 155 E. 2nd St. to see Trudy Benson.  She works a new angle in geometrics taking Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely to a zany level with an incredible mastery over color. It pulses out of her paintings.  It’s…

Art the twin towers before 9 11 2

My Memories of September 11, 2001

I was in my apartment on 22nd Street. It was Tuesday and the sky shimmered the purest blue without a cloud in the sky. I was painting and listening to the radio totally absorbed in the marks emerging on the canvas, oblivious to the sirens blaring on 2nd Avenue. I got ready for work and…

ArtPaintings the red barn

The Red Barn

Steve and I have friends that live on a mountain near Margaretville, NY in the Catskills. On our way, we pass many red barns, their rectangular bodies balancing a triangular roof, painted a deep Venetian set within a lush green pasture. Wildflowers dot the roadside. A few years ago a little 12×9″ oil painting emerged.

ArtCurrent eventstDrawing unbreakable


I heard the Attorney General’s decision of Cuomo’s transgressions toward women, documented as unwanted kisses; and/or groping their breasts and/or manhandling their buttocks and/or otherwise acting as if he had the unfettered right to touch his female employees where he pleased when he pleased. I started a drawing about a powerful woman, unbreakable and strong,…

ArtPaintings daybed flowered wallpaper window

More on Woman in a Daybed.

I love this painting because … her eyes are forlorn; but she reaches for the pink and blue ether above. her other hands are as strong and firm as the couch; and yet her body is painted transparently enough that her interior is on view. She is constrained by the massive gated door, but there…