ArtPaintings the red barn

The Red Barn

Steve and I have friends that live on a mountain near Margaretville, NY in the Catskills. On our way, we pass many red barns, their rectangular bodies balancing a triangular roof, painted a deep Venetian set within a lush green pasture. Wildflowers dot the roadside. A few years ago a little 12×9″ oil painting emerged.


The Pink Sweatshirt

Since 1996, I have worn this pink sweatshirt every summer at the beach. Twenty-five years of daily wear and weekly wash from May to September has impacted the sweatshirt. It grows a new hole each season which by the next season is not only older but bigger. So each summer, before anyone has an opportunity…

ArtCollage Liz and Dick the Movie Star Series

The Movie Star Series

I love black and white photos of the grand old movie stars. Rock Hudson mastering and mustering the hero icon on the 1950s, even as he was forced to deceive the truth of who he really loved because the world wasn’t ready. I love black and white stills from movies of despair passion and lust.…