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A Stag

This 4×4″ pen and ink drawing is based on an amphora I had seen in the Archaeological Museum in Rhodes way back in 2016. I recently came across the postcard I had purchased and fell in love with the stag, the simplicity of the lines, the sense of movement and the abstract element reflected in…

ArtDrawing a kick in the guts

A Kick in the Gut

This is what it feels like when some strange woman promoting pro-life invades my space and tells me she knows what’s best for my body and my understanding of life. A kick in the gut. Would a man let another man legislate his penis?


3 Umbrellas and a chair.

This sums up a perfect day at the beach. The light is magical; the sky is azure, the ocean has the color of the Mediterranean, but not a lake. There are breaking waves. This was at Allenhurst Beach Club on Saturday afternoon, 8 June 2024. The water was cold, about 60 degrees, but I managed…