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Chairsitting Thoughts

The marauders are at my door, but I shall never lay down my right to protect my property: MY BODY- not your body. The GOP is the biggest con going. They will go to their graves screaming that an individual has the unfettered right to carry a gun because they need to protect themselves, their…

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Boo (#3)

Anyone who has a cat knows how wily they can be when they want your attention. My kitty, anointed with the name Dash the day we picked him up at the ASPCA, is now known as Boo, Boodette, Booder, Goosh, Gooshnogger, Nogger and other variations thereon. He ( who I frequently forget is a he…

Art Lola goes LIVE

Annie Ernaux on Age: True Wisdom

Annie Ernaux just won the Nobel Prize in Literature. In a New Yorker article dated November 21, 2022 she states: I’m already old…That’s a problem. Well, not a problem. It’s a state, the one I happen to be in, and I don’t feel at all bad to be in it. I’m just observing what’s changed.…