ArtCollage Liz and Dick the Movie Star Series

The Movie Star Series

I love black and white photos of the grand old movie stars. Rock Hudson mastering and mustering the hero icon on the 1950s, even as he was forced to deceive the truth of who he really loved because the world wasn’t ready. I love black and white stills from movies of despair passion and lust.…

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Chairsitting Thoughts

The marauders are at my door, but I shall never lay down my right to protect my property: MY BODY- not your body. The GOP is the biggest con going. They will go to their graves screaming that an individual has the unfettered right to carry a gun because they need to protect themselves, their…

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Movie Stars

I save photographs and film stills of movie stars that reigned in the first half of the 20th century. To honor my icons, I preserve them forever in my art. This is from a film still of Joel Mccrea and Delores Del Rio in the 1932 film Bird of Paradise. The passion that the scene…