Travel Bathtub at the Heritage Hotel

Two Weeks in Portugal. Arrival Day: Lisboa

Steve and I went to Portugal on Thursday November 11 arriving in Lisbon about 11:00 in the morning. We checked into our hotel, albeit our room would not be ready until about 4:00, and with Steve grumbling loudly about exhaustion and sleep, we went out to find some breakfast. Then we decided to hop on…

Travel IMG 0611

Two Weeks in Portugal. Day 2: Lisboa

It was mutually decided by a party of one, because truly only one of us is a Planner and the other never knows what he is doing or planning to do until the moment he does it, to take Tram 28 up to the Alfama and spend the morning wandering around. Because Tram 28 is…

Travel ferry ride to Isla desrta

Two Weeks in Portugal. Day 5: FARO

We left Alvor on Tuesday November 16 to spend the day in Faro, the capital of the Algarve. We entered the “cidade velha”, underneath the imposing arch that acts as an usher for the the narrow cobbled streets and heavy hinged doors that characterize the medieval essence of the old town, all of which is…