ArtDrawing wistful to broken dreams

Wistful to Broken Dreams

This drawing is part of my series titled “Women: Beautiful and Powerful at One with Nature.” In this drawing the bird woman looks wistfully back on different selves and the different parts of selves that come together to tell a journey.



In Spain, as we drove north from Burgos to Santillana del Mar grand windmills appeared, dancing in the distance. When Steve and I drive the open roads in foreign countries we are enchanted whenever we spot wind turbines. They are powerful sources of clean energy and Spain and Portugal, France and Greece have managed to…

ArtPhotography Five Masks on a Rainy Night. 10.13.22

Us Forever and Ever Adaptable

Mannequin heads-indecipherable in their stasis, but so malleable to the imagination. Charged behind with a stormy cloudy evening, they are eerie- a staged group reflection of the bouncing unpredictability of today and tomorrow as acronyms like GAN (Generative Adversarial Network); GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer); OpenAI and web.3 become so well integrated into our world.Well really…

ArtCurrent eventstDrawing unbreakable


I heard the Attorney General’s decision of Cuomo’s transgressions toward women, documented as unwanted kisses; and/or groping their breasts and/or manhandling their buttocks and/or otherwise acting as if he had the unfettered right to touch his female employees where he pleased when he pleased. I started a drawing about a powerful woman, unbreakable and strong,…