3 Umbrellas and a chair.

This sums up a perfect day at the beach. The light is magical; the sky is azure, the ocean has the color of the Mediterranean, but not a lake. There are breaking waves. This was at Allenhurst Beach Club on Saturday afternoon, 8 June 2024. The water was cold, about 60 degrees, but I managed…

ArtDrawing a kick in the guts

A Kick in the Gut

This is what it feels like when some strange woman promoting pro-life invades my space and tells me she knows what’s best for my body and my understanding of life. A kick in the gut. Would a man let another man legislate his penis?

ArtCollage Liz and Dick the Movie Star Series

The Movie Star Series

I love black and white photos of the grand old movie stars. Rock Hudson mastering and mustering the hero icon on the 1950s, even as he was forced to deceive the truth of who he really loved because the world wasn’t ready. I love black and white stills from movies of despair passion and lust.…


My Story of the Corner of the Tectiforms

On one of the walls of the prehistoric cave El Castillo located in the province of Cantabria in northern Spain are 7 distinctly painted tectiforms: misshapen rectangles some, inset with another rectangle that is lined.  There are two other vague ones floating horizontally on the lower right and then one more vertical one, barely visible,…