I paint, sew and draw to channel my anxiety, worry, joy and excitement.  

I am currently obsessed with making small intimate color pencil drawings. They tell a story about a woman negotiating an ever-expanding enclosure. I have the advantage of pouring my sense of discomfort and displacement into a visual arena with pencil, pen and ink. The lines are purposefully off. I eschew straight edges and 90 degree alignment, not only because it is a form of rebellion against rules, but also because it is in the imperfections where so much truth and beauty can be found.

I have been making art since 1995. The paintings, whether abstract or figurative, angry or confused, swim in intense, saturated color. They also have a skewed sense of composition. The perspective is off, there are too many planes, the proportions make no sense, but they are consistent in their dynamic energy. 

The fabric-based collages and the work incorporating sewing patterns date back to 1997.  They have always been driven by texture and exploration. I marry fabric, silks and velvet, voile and cotton with raw canvas and bind the pieces together with vintage silk thread to create a work of competing forms, composition and line.

me and Boo 2