I have been painting, drawing and sewing to create art that speaks to my identity as an artist, a lawyer, and a woman for 26 years. 

The paintings, which span 1995 to the present, whether abstract or figurative, swim in intense, saturated color. They also have a skewed sense of composition. The perspective is off, there are too many planes, the proportions make no sense, but they are consistent in their dynamic energy and a lusting desire to feel the paint. 

The fabric-based collages and the work incorporating sewing patterns date back to 1997.  They have always been driven by texture and exploration. I marry fabric, silks and velvet, voile and cotton with raw canvas and bind the pieces together with vintage silk thread to create a work of competing forms, composition and line. They are always about making something whole from so many fractured pieces.  

The imminent demise of a woman’s right to have the time to choose whether she wishes to carry a fetus to full term that was granted and has been upheld by the Supreme Court for over 50 years has galvanized me into making this new body of work. In these drawings and paintings, I am saying my body is my house, my private property, keep your hands off.

In the center of  each work is Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strength who is never afraid to take no prisoners. Sometimes she is placed in domains lush with foliage because her fertility is not associated simply with childbearing , but with the fertility of her brain and the lushness of her thoughts. 

And so speaks my art.

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