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My drawings and paintings fall within the tradition of art brut, where paint is applied both abruptly and staccato-like in direct response to an emotion, but also is directional, following the contour of the outlined form. This combination of elements may contribute to a sensation of an unfinished painting, but this is deliberate. The variety and odd placement of the marks, where transparent overlays of paint are juxtaposed against jabs of dense, heavy hued color shifts expectations and can lead to a dissonant viewing experience, which is good because such creates frisson which creates energy which begets searching and the cycle goes around.

My recent work, dating to the onset of the pandemic, reflects my interpretation of the year since January 1, 2021, if not before. The world I see is Orwellian in orientation where ignorance is strength, lies are truth and the pandemic is over but not over. When the drawings were made the news was blaring it’s time to emerge and dance, and yet the news also reported a worldwide raging virus. Confusing and dispiriting. What is safe anymore? I channel my anxiety, discomfort and sense of displacement into a visual arena with pencil, pen and paintbrush. In my work, women are reacting to the space around them within the realm of their own interior space.

My lines are purposefully off. I eschew straight edges and 90 degree alignment, not only because it is a form of rebellion against rules, but also because it is in the imperfections where so much truth and beauty can be found. I am inspired by artifacts from the ancient world, fashion designs of the 20th century, and the visual ideal of “woman” as defined by pin-up posters of the 1950s. Color is chosen in the moment- by mood and feeling. The marks are expressionist with the goal of making a figurative-based drawing with strong abstract elements. The women are cramped into niches, sometimes constrained and other times working with all their strength to break out. Over the past 18 months the drawings and paintings have evolved into a series titled “Women in Strange Places”.

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Who I am

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Julie B. Seyler

I am a semi-self-taught artist, semi – because I have never obtained a degree in art, but I have been very lucky to have taken many classes with great teachers at both the Art Students League and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

I work in oil, acrylic, watercolor, color pencils and mixed media. The work is figurative, abstract, and expressionistic and has always been driven by two passions – love and surprise.



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